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【8月28日(金)21:00~】「LM.C -Premier Live Talk #2-」生配信決定

「LM.C -Premier Live Talk #2-」生配信決定


「Happy Zombies」のミュージックビデオが遂に完成!

※「Premier Live Talk」シリーズは、音声のみの配信ではなく、メンバー出演の生動画配信となります。

「LM.C -Premier Live Talk #2-」
OPEN 20:50 / START 21:00


¥2,500(tax in)

▼ツイキャス プレミア配信のご利用方法はこちら



☆For Overseas

「LM.C -Premier Live Talk #2-」Live Stream Announcement!

The music video for our new track「Happy Zombies」is ready for release!
The MV will be revealed first during this livestream, along with a sneak peek at some behind the scenes footage!

For the first time ever, watch the video together with the members of LM.C live!
Please participate in this special event with us via the comment box.

※ In our「Premier Live Talk」series, the band will live stream via video, not voice only.

・8/28 (Fri)
「LM.C -Premier Live Talk #2-」
OPEN 20:50 / START 21:00 (JST)
※ Approx. 90 min in length

[Purchase URL]
※ The live stream will be on the TwitCasting Premier platform. A paid ticket is required to view

▼Ticket price
¥2,500(tax incl.)

▼How to use the platform

Until 9/3/2020 (Thurs) 23:59 PM
※Please note the archive will be unavailable after 9/4